Foiled Labels

Red Tail Marinade Label
Metallic aesthetic added to digitally printed labels

Our clients select from our two different methods to achieve a metallic (foil) aesthetic.

Flatbed Foiling (Foil Stamping)

To complement our digitally printed labels, we offer in-line flat bed foiling with our UV varnishing and die-cutting equipment. Flat bed foiling delivers very effective foil application; both adhesion and registration.

ABG Digicon Series II

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Direct Print on Metallic Silver Label Material

Our label printing via HP Indigo technology presents an opportunity to create a foil stamping aesthetic on labels that offers our clients many attractive advantages. We direct print onto metallic silver laminated paper, creating a metallic look in virtually any color(s) for each label.

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Benefits of Direct Printing a Foil Stamping Look Include:

Less Expensive – The elimination of dies and foil material reduces costs dramatically

Faster Delivery – The elimination of die purchasing can reduce delivery time

Increased Flexibility – The elimination of a die and related costs translates into the ability to change foil elements from order-to-order, quickly and inexpensively. This affords easy and unlimited changes resulting from marketing or governmental regulation adjustments.

Unlimited “Foil” Colors – We can create a metallic appearance for virtually any color(s) on each of your labels. Clients often select multiple graphical elements on their label for us to isolate and create a metallic look. Please contact us for samples of this technique via our digital label printing.

Screening Metallic Colors – We offer clients screened metallic colors. Imagine how vibrant a sunset can look if it is enhanced with a metallic appearance. We can help you bring your label alive too!

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