Quick Response Codes

We Can Help You Create and Print QR Codes on Your Labels to Connect Consumers to Your Website Homepage or Other Landing Pages.

QR Label Printing We Help You Talk Directly with Consumers via Your Product Packaging.

We can help you create and apply the below mobile marketing, quick response (QR) codes on the next printing of your product labels, or on a small separate label that can be applied to already labeled product. When scanned with a smart phone, the QR code will directly connect consumers to your product specific web pages, web home page, videos, and more.

You have so much to say, and have so little room on your label. By adding a QR code to your label you create a platform for a virtually unlimited amount of copy, graphics, or video content.

As your source for code creation and label printing we can help guide you through steps needed to add this valuable marketing approach to your labels. If your need further help to create landing pages, digital content, and a easy-to-use process for managing your QR programs, we recommend you connect with our partner www.sevencamp.com, or for wineries www.qr4wine.com.

Consumers Simply Point their Phone at the QR Code Printed on Your Labels.

Marketing gurus know that there is no better time to impact consumer buying behavior than when the consumer is standing in front of product options at the store. Increasingly consumers are looking for and scanning QR codes on products at the point of purchase decision. This way, consumers can quickly learn more about a company or product – or possibly find an extra incentive to buy – like a coupon.

Where a QR Code Printed on Your Label can take Consumers.

• Your website (homepage)
• Your product page designed for each of your products
• A video of your facility, production process, or product in action
• A specially designed page – see examples below

What You can do with a QR Code Printed on Your Label.

• Add your contact info to the users address book
• Send a text message to the users phone
• Promote a special event or product launch
• Offer menu pairing ideas with your product
• Offer coupons for savings on other products you sell
• Offer rebates for the current/prospective purchase
• Provide health benefits of your products
• Provide eco-friendly aspects of your products

Add QR Codes to Products Already Labeled

If you have product that is labeled we can create a smaller, secondary label with a printed QR code. We can print this label on pressure-sensitive label paper that matches your already applied label. If you want to take the opportunity to add other graphics or verbiage to this secondary label we can help with graphics and label sizing.