Label Print Proofing with No Surprises

Our Print Trials Provide Predictable Results.

You and your sales channels have enough to manage without being surprised by your label results. Together we can work to make certain this never happens. We work closely with clients to create fast, accurate, low cost label printing trials on their selected substrate(s) coated with their preferred varnish.

The key is our flexibility with our HP Indigo 6000 Digital printing press. By producing your trial via the press and on the substrate used for your production label order, we are providing you with a proof with the least possible variability. Additionally, we can place multiple labels, or varied versions of the same label (sku), within sheeted 12” x 20” frames. This approach offers the ability to preview multiple aesthetics versions while keeping things simple and economical. Lets Get Started!

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Step 1 - Please talk to us about grouping all of your label variations and colors of interest onto a 12” X 20” frame(s) (see example). This is your opportunity to preview different type styles, colors, substrates, screen values, designs, etc. Together we can create test options that ensure you achieve packaging that represents your goals.

Step 2 - Within a maximum of 5 working days your labels will arrive at one or more locations for previewing.

Step 3 - Select from among your trialed label options, or conduct another trial with further options. Place order and be assured your labels will look just like those trialed / proofed.

Step 4 - Receive labels that meet your expectations and business needs.

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Pricing: Per 12" x 20" frame: $150.00 plus additional overnight shipping. Per label color matching to previously printed label/capsule/etc: Additional $50 per label/sku.

Please call us for futher information.

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